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AEKC Accepting Applications for New Tracks!

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

American E-Kart Championship (AEKC), the premiere electric karting championship in the US is currently accepting applications for additional tracks to participate in 2024!

  • Total purse for the AEKC series is in excess of $35,000 including $10,000 final round first prize.

  • AEKC a World Karting Association (WKA) sanctioned championship. WKA is the largest kart race sanctioning body in North American and a part of the Karting commission of FIA. FIA is the international governing body of Motor Sports worldwide.

  • Nineteen indoor karting facilities from across the country participated in the the 2018 inaugural season.

  • Full PR support is included for all AEKC participating tracks (see PR plan on back of this flyer)

  • Many of the participating tracks received local TV and Newspaper coverage of their local AEKC league. The AEKC goal is to work together to get the attention of national media including ESPN.

  • Many participating tracks received higher than normal participation in their local AEKC leagues.

  • For more information please contact: David Larson


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